Licensing agreement

Our license allows each Product available for purchase or download on

The ResponsiveMart license grants the user an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work (“Product”). The License grants you, buyer, customer the right to make use of Product you have purchased.

You Can:

  • You are licensed to use the Product to create only one End-product for yourself or only one client.
  • You Can create only one End-product for a client, charge the client for your service. The license then transferred to your client.
  • You Can make unlimited copies of End-product as long as the End-product is distributed for free.

You Cannot:

  • You Cannot sell the End-product for more than one client.
  • You Cannot Re-distribute the Product or it’s source files, even if the Product is modified.
  • You Cannot use the Product in any application, service allowing user to customize the Product.
  • If a Product contains, third-party source files, font, or images from elsewhere under different license. That item retains its original license.
  • This license can be terminated if you breach it and you lose the right to distribute the End-product until the Product has been fully removed from the End-product.
  • ResponsiveMart retains ownership of the Product. But ResponsiveMart grants you the license on above terms.


  • Product = Digital product
  • End-User = User for End-product
  • End-Product = Project ( Website, Web Application, Software, Service… )

Updated: April 1st 2020